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Writing essays is more so essential to the if the plan is to study in the United States. It may be hard for international students to be able to write an essay, but there are open opportunities in the essay to explain your point of view in the certain topic. These are some of the tips to help international students get started.

1. Create a 5-paragraph outline
I. Introduction
II. Body 1
III. Body 2
IV. Body 3
V. Conclusion
VI. (Citations for evidence is a must)
It is simpler and more specific when you have a topic for the essay to be filled out. First doing some research about the topic is one of the best ways to know where to start.

2. Thesis
Thesis comes in the beginning and having a good thesis is like to grab the audience’s attention. Its like a film trailer when the audience watches the trailer it grabs their attention on what is the movie going to be about “it sounds so interesting” this is exactly how a thesis works in the essay to grab attention. Simple way is to make a statement and have 3 main ideas on what this essay will be about since there is 3 body paragraphs to talk about.

3. No “I” “we” “your”
These are called personal pronouns these are very common and easily mistaken on. The reason not to use these is because the easy is supposed to not personally make it seem like it’s about the person or just about you. Instead using “I” you can use “it”. The essay is opinionative, but the essay should not focus on you as in the person writing it. Visiting Writing centers and getting you essay reviewed might be a great idea.

These are some of the simple small tips to get started with a good essay!



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