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There are 17 residence halls at UNC Charlotte. If you're having trouble choosing where to live you might want to take a closer look at what each hall has to offer. Most of the On-Campus housing at UNC Charlotte is tailored for a specific group of students. Here is what you need to know:

Belk Hall: Mainly for upperclassmen(Juniors and Seniors). It is possible to get a room at Belk Hall as a freshman or sophomore but upperclassmen have priority in the assignment process.

Greek Village: Reserved for students who are members of sororities. There are four extra buildings in Greek Village that are reserved for:

1. Non-Sorority students.

2. Male-Only upperclassman.

3. Female-Only upperclassman (home to the female international community: Global Gateways).

4. Mixed-Gender rooms.

Hawthorn Hall: Reserved for freshmen Engineering majors and home to the Engineering Learning Community.

Holshouser Hall: Mixed-Gender housing.

Lauren Hall: Freshman-Only housing.

Levine Hall: Reserved for students who are part of the Honors College or Levine Scholar Program.

Lynch Hall: Reserved for new students(freshman or transfer) who are in learning communities.

Scott Hall: Freshman-Only housing.

Witherspoon Hall: Home to the International House(2nd floor) and the Transfer Student Learning Community.


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