29 Days Until Move-In. Here Are Some Tips To Get You Prepared.  


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Move-in day is less than a month away(Aug 16-18). As an incoming Freshman, here are some tips to avoid a move-in day disaster.


Before Moving In:

  • Make sure you know your assigned move-in day and time slot.
  • Contact your roommates before hand to see who is bringing what. This is a good way to avoid bringing duplicate supplies.
  • If you move-in after 5:00pm on August 18 you risk being charged a fine or even having your housing cancelled. If you can't move-in on time make sure to contact the Housing Assignments Office in advance to avoid any issues.



  • If you have heavy items that are hard to carry, it's a good idea to bring a cart or dolly to help wheel your stuff into your building.
  • Boxes are your friends.
  • The elevators in each building is going to be jam-packed. Use the stairs if you can.
  • Unfortunately items get lost or stolen during move-in so it's a good idea to label your boxes with your name, building, room number and phone number.


Move-In Day:

  • Make sure to bring your student ID. You will need it to check-in and pick up your keys before you can start unpacking.
  • Don't try to arrive too early. If you are on campus an hour before your move-in time you are needlessly taking up parking for people who are trying to move-in at that moment and delaying the whole process. You're not doing yourself any favors by coming way before your assigned move-in slot.


*There are a limited number of move-in volunteers who can help with unpacking on Friday and Saturday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Volunteers will be at South Village Parking Deck, Levine Hall, Oak Hall and North Village. Volunteers are fairly easy to spot because they wear bright green Move-In Crew shirts.*

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