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Activists need a platform to voice  


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24/10/2019 3:31 pm  

Our school recently experienced extreme race based hatred actions. A student from our early college,Bard Simone’s Rock College,was hospitalized by an un-identified male. 

More information:

Meanwhile, white nationalists are protesting violent fliers targeting multiple liberal arts schools, as well as vocally assaulting students from passing vehicles. Students have been using Instagram, Facebook, and other various social media platforms to voice and cope with the situation. The current system works, yet seems informal and productive at times. 

The platform should allow:

  • School/authoritative parties to address the situation.
  • Announce information about corresponding actions.
  • Students to voice and talk about what’s happening.
  • Share coping actions to the cases(e.g. what to do when this happened)
  • Share confidential resources to the needs, including, but not limited to ride-share and contact information. 
  • Provide connection with other students with a similar situation.

While social media platforms are capable of spreading the words, they are not designed for this , so we believe that a  more organized way may help with the solution.



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